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Subject: Re: [cgmo-webcgm] test suite

Thanks Forest.

Stuart, are you going to update the matrix?  (It resides on FTP now:  ftp://ftp.cgmlarson.com/test_matrix.htm )

Question:  the test names currently in there use "Camel Case".  Our naming conventions for 2.0 were all over the page (i.e., nada).  Should we try to stick with uniformly with Camel Case this time, for 2.1?


At 09:29 AM 8/13/2008 -0500, Forrest Carpenter wrote:



Here are the test names, description, and due date.


SetGetBGColor.htm    tests picture background color                               8/29/08

SetGetTextStyles.htm   tests all text styles (picture and APS level) 8/29/08

SetGetIntensity.htm   tests intensity (picture and APS level) 8/29/08

SetGetLineStyles2.0.htm  tests all Web2.0 line styles (picture and APS level) 8/29/08

SetGetFillStyles2.0.htm  tests all Web2.0 solid styles (picture and APS level) 8/29/08

SetGetStrokeType.htm  tests stroke type (APS level) 8/30/08

SetGetStrokeOffset.htm   tests line pattern initial offset (APS level) 8/30/08

SetGetInteriorStyle.htm    tests interior style (APS level) 9/30/08

SetGetHatchIndex.htm    tests hatch index (APS level) 9/30/08

SetGetPatternIndex.htm    tests pattern index (APS level) 9/30/08

SetGetEdgeVisibility.htm    tests edge visibility (APS level) 9/30/08

SetGetFillOffset.htm     tests fill pattern offset  (APS level) 9/30/08



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