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Subject: Re: [cgmo-webcgm] New tests

At 02:26 PM 8/14/2008 -0400, Bezaire, Benoit wrote:
I added two new tests (about the setView port)  to the ftp site. One of them is incomplete however. I wonder if it wouldn't be useful to have a createWebCGMRect method? In the first test, I wanted to call as few calls as possible to test the setView method.

Could do, if people like the idea. 

(But this would happen in the W3C WG, in response to a WG member comment, either before or during LC review.  If before, it would be good to have a complete editing proposal ready, for quick approval once the WG starts, and immediate integration into the LC text.)

To me, that meant: createWebCGMRect followed by setView.


p.s.  I noticed 'em there in the directory while working today.  Question:  name?  The files are just named view001 and view002.  Is plain 'view' to be the test name, or setView?

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