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Subject: next ... implementation coverage

All (esp. implementors) --

The next step ...

We are moving ahead to plan for a meeting in 3rd week of November 
(19-21).  We are scheduled to have a first version of each test submitted 
by early October.  I would like to verify that each test/feature is going 
to get at least some implementation attention by mid-November.  We don't 
need to meet the 2-pass (interoperability) criterion then.  But we would 
best ensure that at least one implementor has looked carefully at each 
feature.  Reason:  as we know, two main sources of critical feedback 
are:  trying to write the test for a feature; implementation or at least 
detailed implementation planning of the feature.

I would like to discuss on Wednesday.


p.s. The matrix now shows, highlighted in red, those tests that are due on 
or before 1st Sept.

[1] ftp://ftp.cgmlarson.com/test-matrix.htm

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