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cgmo-webcgm message

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Subject: Re: [LC Review]

All --

Rob has submitted this comment to the public list of the WebCGM WG:

It would be good for the TC to discuss it also, since we have some 
WebCGM-ers who aren't in the WG.

Rob ... do you have a specific proposal to kick off discussion in the 
TC?  (Double the octet limits?  Change the limits to characters instead of 
octets?)  Some solutions are easier than others, and different solutions 
have more or less impact on existing software.

(You are right, that users of UTF-16 get half as many characters as users 
of IsoLatin1.  And then there is UTF-8, which could range from 
same-as-Latin1, to *lots* fewer characters, depending on the 
language.  Since WebCGMs are overwhelmingly English-language, in practice 
it is same-as-Latin1.)


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