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cgmo-webcgm message

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Subject: revised test for aciLineAttr, aciEdgeAttr?

Don,  All --

I'm queuing some items that need cleanup in the Test Suite.  The way we 
left aciLineAttr and aciEdgeAttr is awkward.  ACI access to the Line/Edge 
Type Continuation elements was removed from the 2.1 specification.  But it 
is still in those two tests (along with sub-tests of cap and join.)  That 
in turn requires a footnote on the implementation matrix.

I'd like to clean that up and update the Test Suite (after completion of OS 
and REC).  Don, you own those two tests.  Could you make updated versions 
without the 'xxx Type Continuation' elements?

Anyone ... if you have already done this, please let me know, to save Don 
from the task.


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