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cgmopen-members message

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Subject: RE: editing -- oops, correction

(Oops, I myself fell into the trap of the similar spellings.  Below I have 
corrected one "picseqno" mis-use to "picTseqno".  CAPITAL T is for emphasis 


(and CGM Open members/implementors ... speak up if you think my 
interpretation is wrong.)

At 12:50 PM 4/9/01 -0700, you wrote:
>[...]I find two spellings "pictseqno" and "picseqno" in the Intelligent 
>Content section (3).  picseqno is define in the BNR and used in 
>examples.  pictseqno is used in the BNR and examples....which should it be?

The BNF says:

pictsequence ::= "pictseqno(" picseqno ("," behavior)? ")"
picseqno ::= [0-9]+

which is okay -- picTseqno is a terminal in the grammar (a literal 
keyword), and picseqno is a non-terminal production.  Then the next 
paragraph uses picseqno as the keyword (whereas in the BNF the keyword is 
clearly picTseqno).  There is similar BNF for picTid (the keyword) and 
picid (non-terminal), but the paragraph in question correctly uses the 
keyword picTid.

PicTseqno is used in examples 3 & 4.  I do not find picseqno used in any 

In the balance, I think the two usages in of picseqno are wrong and 
need to be changed to picTseqno.

(Implementors, does anyone object vigorously?)


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