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Subject: Toulouse TC meeting?

There hasn't been much response to the question of holding a CGM Open TC meeting in Toulouse in June.  I think we need to do some planning if we want to have one.  According to Franck, the ATA meetings are going to be held on-site at Airbus and if we want to have a TC meeting there we will have to schedule it for Thursday or Friday.  We could probably hold one on Sunday if we coordinated with the hotel for meeting space (CGM Open will pay for a meeting room).

Here's what I've heard so far about who will be in Toulouse (using the official CGM/OASIS mailing list):

dieter@isodraw.com			Yes
alan_hester@wb.xerox.com		No response
forrest@sysdev.com			Isn't sure
dlarson@cgmlarson.com		No response
lofton@rockynet.com			No
dave.rahnis@bentley.com		No response
brucegar@pacbell.net			No
lynne.rosenthal@nist.gov		Isn't sure
tybartosh@jeppesen.com		No response
kevoka@auto-trol.com			No response
David.Cruikshank@PSS.Boeing.com	Yes
franck.duluc@airbus.aeromatra.com	Yes
WhittakerHW@nswccd.navy.mil		No response
Peter.Zimmermann@m.dasa.de		No response (should go to someone else?)
ull@gtsgral.com				No response


Technical Fellow - Graphics/Digital Data Interchange
Boeing Commercial Airplane Company
206.544.8876, fax 206.544.9878

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