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Subject: WebCGM preview

CGM Open Members --

This is a preview of some of the WebCGM V4 test suite work, for your review 
and comments.  The attached HTML file explains more fully.

I'm soliciting general comments as well as specific comments and critiques.

Title: Readme for 20010525 Dynamic Preview

CGM Open Members --

Introduction. This is a preview release of some of the files and Test Cases which will be in the "dynamic" (V4) module of the WebCGM Test Suite.

Please do not circulate this material further! Wait for final delivery, which will some versioning control!

Feedback Needed. Your general comments and suggestions are welcome, as well as specific critiques on individual tests. However, if you wish to comment, please do so soon. I must close this project phase a week from today (completion: 6/1/01). At that point, I will have 25-30 tests in the Dynamic module.

Caveat. These tests will not look very good if you are running on a small screen, or at less that 1024x768 resolution. (At higher resolutions, there may be some frame-layout issues which I haven't considered -- my system access is limited.)

Another Caveat. These tests do not yet have any versioning control, to indicate when CGM instances, reference images, etc, have changed. The real first release will have such (which will distinguish it from this preview).

Instructions. To view this, all you have to do is unzip the delivery, and

  1. open "introPage.html" in a browser (IE or NN).
  2. click the link to the dynamic module (the static-graphics link will fail).
  3. This will display a Table of Contents of test cases. Select any one.
  4. You will need a WebCGM plug-in at this point.

Contents. Test cases have names like: linking-basicH2C-BE-01. The first bit is the functional category, the second is the specific focus, the third is test type (all of these are BE, Basic Effectivity), the 4th is a sequence (within category): category-focus-BE-nn.. All of the tests in the 6/1 delivery will be BE tests (that more than exhausts the contract resources!). They will provide a complete coverage of V4 functionality at a basic level of detail -- no drill down or detailed testing (DT).

When you select a test in the TOC, a 4-frame screen will come up.

This work is heavily based on what I designed and implemented for SVG, with improvements. The test cases are each driven off of an XML test case description instance (you needn't worry about it), and XSLT stylesheets generate the test harnesses.

There are a mess of files for each test case. You don't need to worry much about most of them. But a couple of files might interest you. The test content root file will generally be named "category-focus-BE-nn" with extension .cgm or .html. If the test case has a target file for a link, it will be named something line "category-focus-BE-nn-target", with extension .cgm or .html. All of the files with bits like "-dyn" as a suffix to the name are associated with the harness, and you shouldn't need to worry about them.

Questions? Let me know. And send your comments and criticisms.

-Lofton Henderson
25 May 2001.


Lofton Henderson
1919 Fourteenth St., #604
Boulder, CO   80302

Phone:  303-449-8728
Email:  lofton@rockynet.com

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