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cgmopen-members message

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Subject: from Berlin...

Hello CGM Open Members --

 From early Berlin feedback, it sounds like the Web Graphics Track was 
well-received again.  Dieter presented a 1/2 day WebCGM tutorial, and 
reports particular appreciation of emphasis on the practical "how-to" parts 
of the tutorial (similar to feedback from last year's Washington DC 

The practical, business-case focus of Dave Cruikshank's and Martin 
Jackson's WebCGM papers was apparently well-received as well.

Dave has agreed to co-chair the Web graphics track for the next GCA XML 
show, Orlando, 2nd week of December.  You'll be hearing more from him, but 
start thinking about a paper or tutorial participation -- the deadline for 
proposals is coming up in June.  If you gave a paper at XML Europe 
(Berlin), this can usually be adapted for presentation at the U.S. show, 
with minimal effort.


Lofton Henderson
1919 Fourteenth St., #604
Boulder, CO   80302

Phone:  303-449-8728
Email:  lofton@rockynet.com

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