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Subject: [cgmopen-members] Fwd: [announce] The call for presentations for theXML Europe 2002 Conference is now open

CGM Open members --

Too soon!  The deadline for XML 2002 Europe papers is the last day of XML 
2001, 12/14.

Please be thinking about it, and consider submitting a proposal.  We can 
talk at the CGMO TC meeting on 12/9 in Orlando, at the vendor demo, etc.


>Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2001 10:11:54 -0600
>From: "Elledge, Marion" <MElledge@idealliance.org>
>Subject: [announce] The call for presentations for the XML Europe 2002
>  Conference is  now open
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>                 The call for presentations for the XML Europe 2002
>Conference is now open. For full details and to submit a paper, visit the
>event web site at:
>                 <http://www.xmleurope.com/>
>                 In its 19th year as the premiere European Markup
>Technologies Conference & Exposition, this event will continue to serve as
>an exchange of information forum, bringing companies to new heights within
>the industry.  Edd Dumbill, Managing Editor, XML.com, serves as the new
>conference chair. XML Europe 2001 takes place in Barcelona, Spain, 19-24 May
>                 IDEAlliance (founded as the Graphic Communications
>Association) has proven to lead the way in Europe and hope that the
>participation level will continue to excel. Therefore, IDEAlliance is
>seeking presentation and tutorial abstracts on all the areas listed below,
>and ask members of the industry, government, and academia to participate:
>                         *       Case Studies
>                         *       Content Management
>                         *       Core XML Technologies
>                         *       Databases
>                         *       Electronic Business
>                         *       Government and Legal
>                         *       Graphic and Multimedia
>                         *       Knowledge Technologies
>                         *       Publishing
>                         *       Web Services
>                 The above topics are merely areas of interest to the event,
>and are not meant to exclude other ideas.
>                 The deadline for submissions is 14 December 2001. Don't miss
>out, submit you proposal today.
>Marion L. Elledge
>Executive Vice President
>(founded in 1966 as the Graphic Communications Association)
>100 Daingerfield Road
>Alexandria, VA 22314
>Tel: 703/837-1093
>Fax: 703/548-2867
>Cell: 202/413-4729
>email: melledge@idealliance.org
>Check out IDEAlliance's upcoming events!
>XML Asia Pacific
>5-8 November 2001
>Sydney, Australia
>XML Conference and Exposition 2001
>9-14 December 2001
>Orlando, Florida USA
>Knowledge Technologies 2002
>11-14 March 2002
>Seattle, Washington USA
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