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Subject: [cgmopen-members] CGM Open TC meeting

It looks like it might be hard to have a TC meeting in Charlotte or
Barcelona based on the responses I got from my previous email and the :

Dave Rahnis - no response
Ulrich Laesche - no response (but I think we may have the wrong email
address in the list)
Dave Cruikshank - will be in Charlotte and probably Barcelona
Alan Hester - no response
Dieter Weidenbruck - Will be in Charlotte and Barcelona
Bruce Garner - Will be in Charlotte
Franck Duluc - Will be in Charlotte and probably Barcelona?
Forrest Carpenter - Will be in Charlotte
Andrew Moorehouse - Will be in Charlotte
Don Larson - Will not be in Charlotte
Kevin O'Kane - May be in Charlotte
Lynne Rosenthal - Will not be in Charlotte
Martin Jackson - Will probably be in Charlotte
Lofton Henderson - Will probably not be in Charlotte

Since Sunday appears the be unavailable (due to the hotel being booked
Saturday night) and most of the vendors will only be there until about
Wednesday in Charlotte, I doubt we could put together much of a meeting.
Barcelona doesn't look much more promising.

I propose sending out a draft of the WebCGM DOM by March 1 (or thereabouts)
and possibly having a telecon for a short discussion prior to XML Europe
when I hope to present it.

We have also had a request to devote some time to CGM interoperability
(support for some graphical primitive elements that prove troublesome) that
I think we need to devote a day to in a TC meeting.  Since it is doubtful
that there will be a ATA GWG meeting in June, I'm thinking we might try to
set up a two day meeting sometime around then.  I think we have options of
several places we could meet:  Seattle (yes), Denver (Kevin?), Houston
(Forrest?/Don?), DC (Lynne?), etc.  Give me your thoughts.


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