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cgmopen-members message

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Subject: RE: [cgmopen-members] Resources & Products

First a clarification...

At 06:58 PM 2/7/02 +0100, Dieter Weidenbrueck wrote:
>2. this is what we have now, because all vendor members have a link on their

What I meant was to have a page off of the ../resources/ page, which would 
contain only the names (linked to their Web sites) of the vendor members 
and would indicate, "go here to find out which CGMO members offer CGM 
products".  As Dave said, now he has to point them at the CGMO site, 
members pages, and tell them which members are vendors.

Second:  I haven't heard from everyone yet, but there is a lot of interest 
in #3.

Maybe this approach:  do #2 immediately while working on #3.   I think it 
would take a little time to put #3 together (volunteers to help with 
collecting and organizing information for #3?).


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