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Subject: [cgmopen-members] XML 2001 Vendor Demo


The deadline for XML 2001 Vendor Demo submission is 1st March, one week 
from tomorrow.  This was a popular item at Orlando, and it showed well for 
the 5 participants.  We should repeat it.

A couple of items:

1.)  I think the only sort-of-firm commitments were from Ematek and 
ITEDO.  Can we please get firm commitments now from some others?  Can you 
arrange to have a European rep do your part?  Please reply to me, or the 
list, or the coordinator (see below).

2.)  The program and all of the Abstract, etc, were good.  I have a small 
paper of sorts that will meet the requirements (15th March for the paper), 
adjusting the participants list.  I think the title should change to 
something like:  "WebCGM Product Interoperability" or "Interoperable WebCGM 

3.)  I'm travelling from 2/22 - 3/2.  Will someone volunteer to submit 
this?  It's an online process, see [1].  I would suggest one of the 
European participants should be the submitter/contact, but that's not 
absolutely necessary.  Dieter?  Ulrich?  Or anyone else?


[1] http://www.xmleurope.com/2002/vendor.asp

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