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Subject: [cgmopen-members] XML Europe 2003

CGM Open members --

This is a question to all of you.  Please give your feedback.

At Long Beach, I had an action item to follow up with Marion and Lauren, 
about the lack of graphics on the XML 2002 track.  All papers but one -- 
whether WebCGM, or SVG, or whatever -- were turned down by the reviewers.

Lauren was surprised by the outcome, and was quick to assure us that this 
was not any sort of deliberate policy.  She even offered to talk with GCA 
(IDEAlliance) people to see if we could rectify it somewhat.

Furthermore, she advised that we should talk with the XML 2003 Europe 
organizers, as the Europe show has generally been more enthusiastic about 
graphics talks.  In case you don't know, it is in London, early May -- see 
[1].  In direct communication, the conference chair confirms that he wants 
our submissions (without guaranteeing, of course, that any particular paper 
would be selected).

In preliminary discussion, a few of us think that we (CGMO members) should 
take the opportunity.  While none of us are on the program committee (yet), 
a couple of us will be reviewers.  (Which, again, of course, does not 
assure selection of any submission, or even favorable review from us!)

Dieter has made these suggestions:

>- no tutorial, too much work and too little interest
>- DW can repeat speech from XML Baltimore
>- LH could detail the results of the format comparison between SVG and
>- We should be able to present at least a preview of stylable WebCGM
>- case studies???
>- if not case studies, then
>         - "How to" stories
>         - WebCGM and HTML
>         - WebCGM and XML (e.g. a real world XML Companion file)

My own feeling about case studies is "yes", align the perspective of the 
abstracts well with the Conference Theme.  (I would be willing to work with 
submitters -- pre-review and comment on abstracts).  Specifically, I think 
some of the abstracts from last time should be rewritten and resubmitted.

Before we do too much planning, however, preliminary questions:

1.) what are your thoughts about CGMO making a set of submissions again?

2.) are you willing to participate?


[1] http://www.xmleurope.com/

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