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Subject: re: "Compound" Application Structure

At 08:47 AM 7/10/03 -0500, Don Larson wrote:
>   >     4) Any comments or feedback to share.
>   > Regards,
>I agree with Dieter though that the concept of disjoint APS structures with
>same ID being treated a one object is not a good idea and should be deprecated
>in the WebCGM standard.

It is indeed deprecated in WebCGM (and will probably be prohibited in 
2.0)  See last paragraph of:


Background.  This feature was added to CGM:1999 as a result of an 
attractive use case that was presented.  In a sense, it is *logically* 
consistent, because the multiple occurrences of APS-with-same-id are really 
one *logical* APS.  I.e., the 2nd, 3rd, ... occurrences are effectively a 
"ContinueAPSdefinition" element.

But for the reasons explained in the above-referenced paragraph, it is 
problematic in practice and will be removed from the WebCGM profile at 
least.  (If there were active work to republish CGM:1999, it would probably 
be deprecated and removed there in the base standard as well.)

(ATA should deprecate this as well, in case it hasn't already done so.)


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