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Subject: RE: Livraison Mantis_CgmOpen

Title: Livraison Mantis_CgmOpen
Andreas, CGMO members,
    Adminsitrator login/password is administrator/root.
    The bug that were in the system were just test data, therefore it is not very important.
    For the users, I will reissue login/password to all cgmopen members attending the telecon yesterday + you, do not worry. I am just waiting for Dave to release the minutes for having the complete list. For other members, I will do it on request.
For beginning to enter bug as guest => http://www.itedo.de/mantis_cgmopen/bug.php (Be sure to use itedo.de).
-----Message d'origine-----
De : Andreas Linn [mailto:AndreasLinn@ITEDO.com]
Envoyé : mercredi 20 août 2003 09:51
À : ROSSEL Olivier
Cc : Dieter Weidenbrück; DULUC Franck
Objet : RE: Livraison Mantis_CgmOpen

Hello Olivier,
following your guide we uploaded and installed the package. It is now abailable at:
Unfortunatelly we could not check the functionality because we do not know any login. All existing data has been purged during installation as decribed. We backuped the former database in a SQL file for any later use. If you need this, please let us know.
We schedule bacup-procedures for all our webspace including the databases. Are you interested in having backups ? Even if i dont know how frequently the database is used, I would recommend to backup the SQL-database each week at least.  If yes, please let us know where we should send the backups to.
Best Regards,
Andreas Linn.
-----Original Message-----
From: ROSSEL Olivier [mailto:olivier.rossel@airbus.com]
Sent: Tuesday, August 19, 2003 4:24 PM
To: 'Andreas Linn'
Cc: Dieter Weidenbrück; DULUC Franck
Subject: Livraison Mantis_CgmOpen

Here is the newest release of Mantis for CgmOpen.
Here are the instructions to install it:

First you should backup the file config_inc.php
in your MANTIS_CGMOPEN directory.

Then, in the www/ directory of EasyPHP or Apache,
* rename any older directory called mantis_cgmopen/
* create the mantis_cgmopen/ directory
* go to this directory
* uncompress mantis_cgmopen.zip

To build the MySQL database, use a console and
enter the following commands:
* to drop existing database "bugtracker"
mysqladmin -uroot -pPASSWORD drop bugtracker
* to create a new database "bugtracker"
mysqladmin -uroot -pPASSWORD create bugtracker
* to fill the database with tables and datas
mysql --user=root < db_generate.sql
(Note: the file db_generate.sql is available in the sql/ sub_drectory of the

Replace the newer config_inc.php with the backuped one
from your previous version.

You should now be able to access Mantis_cgmopen
via URL like:
http://localhost/mantis_cgmopen/bug.php (for guest access)
http://localhost/mantis_cgmopen/ (for login access)

Optionnal note for URL management:
If you want to have a default access to bug.php for latter
URL, you should change the "DirectoryIndex" of httpd.conf
of Apache and add bug.php as the first choice in the list.

Feel free to mail me or Franck if you have questions about the deployment.


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