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cgmopen-ms message

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Subject: query

This is a query that came into me internally at Boeing.  Any thoughts?

I'm wondering if you would know of any graphic management systems that support CGM. Our content management system for SGML and XML is geared for text, and the support for graphics is pretty limited. We're looking at storing thousands of files and would like to have some sort of versioning control, thumbnailing and keywording. I am familiar with Extensis Portfolio but it doesn't appear to provide versioning and I don't see any support for CGM in the new release. Do you know of any others that might provide us with these options? Maybe our expectations are too high, and we just need to manage them the old fashioned way... if so, please let me know.

I'll pass any information along.

thx...Dave Cruikshank
Technical Fellow - Graphics/Digital Data Interchange
Boeing Commercial Airplane
206.544.8876, fax 206.544.9590

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