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Subject: new Web pages status


At Houston, the agenda has an item for status report on our CGMO MS Web 
site makeover.

Lots of work went into it, for some time now it is all now in the hands of 
the Web team, and they are inching towards completion.  Problem is, they 
are way over committed, and keep getting diverted to other, 
"higher-priority" projects.

I have been struggling to keep them onto finishing our Web site, and they 
now say there are about 10 hours work left (but won't say when they will 
finish it.)

Fyi, here are most of the new pages.  Pretty much okay in form and content, 
but lots of integration remains -- almost all of the links are undefined or 
go to old pages.  To remind you, this is the CGMO Member Section site.  It 
is distinct from the WebCGM TC site (and has lots of links to it).

>New CGM Open Homepage:


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