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Subject: nominations for Steering Committee

CGM Open Member Section members --

This is a call for nominations for the CGM Open Steering Committee.

As noted in our Rules of Procedure 2.3 [1], CGM Open MS must have a 
Steering Committee election before the first anniversary of the approval of 
the RoP by OASIS Board.  That is mid-January.

The current Steering Committee is:

Dieter Weidenbrueck (Chair)
Dave Cruikshank
Lofton Henderson (Program Director)

The Program Director seat is not elected, as defined by the RoP.  The other 
two seats are elected.

Nominations are open through 8th December, and thereafter we will have a 
(Kavi) electronic ballot.  So far, these two have been nominated:

Dieter Weidenbrueck
Dave Cruikshank

For the purposes of voting in CGMO MS elections, as well as running for a 
SC seat, as well as for nominating candidates, you must be a "Qualified 
Elector".  "Qualified Electors" is defined in the Rules of Procedure 
as:  Sponsor members and Contributor members of the CGM Open Member Section.

Nominations can be sent to this list, or to me directly.

Best Regards,
-Lofton Henderson.


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