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Subject: Re: [cgmopen-sc] Some next steps on your move to CGMO Foundation

Scott --

In haste, as the next 2 days are very busy...

Thanks for your pointers.  Some of these we are already dealing with, some will need attention and your process expertise is essential. 

I think underlying your wishes, and ours as well, is a smooth and deliberate transition.  In my way of thinking, the (at least formal) existence of the MS for some short while will help enable such.

With this in mind, I'd like to query about your point #4 below.  As I recall, the OASIS MS Policy (and/or the CGMO MS RoP) allows that the remaining SC members can fill the vacancy until next regular SC election time.  Is that correct?  That, for example, is what we did when Dieter retired. 

More later,

At 06:08 PM 6/11/2013 -0400, Scott McGrath wrote:
As we get close to the end of you balloting period to formalize your decision to move your operations to the new CGM Open Foundation, allow me to point out a few process points to speed your transition:

1. If you haven't already done so, begin the process to formalize your new CGM Open Foundation. Â We will need a established non-profit entity as recipient of your transferred assets.

2. The process by which we formally permit future development of existing OASIS Standards is described in the Liaison Policy. Â Once the Member Section ballot closes affirmatively, we will work with the TC, giving them the right language for a motion.

3. Â We expect a vote to close the TC, here too we will give proper language. Â Do not invoke that, until the TC approves the spec submission to the new CGM Open Foundation.

4. Â You can vote to close the Member Section, though that is not necessary because the Steering Committee is imminently below the minimum number of members with one member whose membership is past renewal and in a grace period awaiting closure of your ballot to transition.

hope that helps,


Scott McGrath

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