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Subject: Re: [cgmopen-ms] Re: [cgmopen-sc] Some next steps on your move to CGMO Foundation

Scott --

Thanks again for your helpful inputs to our process.

One quick point about the below (quick because I'm rushing to prepare for travel from Friday afternoon until Wednesday afternoon)...

At 05:04 PM 6/19/2013 -0400, Scott McGrath wrote:
- your Rules of Procedure limit the Steering Committee members to be
representatives of Organizational members

[1] http://www.cgmopen.org/governance/rop.php

It is odd, but if you read section (c) very carefully... one must be an organizational member to *vote* in an SC election, but it is not stated as a requirement to be elected to the SC!

One might argue whether that's sensible or not, intentional or not, but it's been that way since our first RoP (~2005/6). And indeed, we did have an SC member who was an Individual for several years (Dieter).

- you will soon have only 4 organizational members, which limits your
resources to fill the SC opening, but also is below the minimum
required  number of members. (you must be 5 or above by the election

That would indeed be a problem, as we don't anticipate additional members joining the MS. However, our election period is Nov-Dec, and we do anticipate the end of MS/SC operations and organization well before that.


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