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Subject: Re: [cgmopen-ms] Re: [cgmopen-sc] Some next steps on your move to CGMO Foundation

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On Wed, Jun 19, 2013 at 6:18 PM, Lofton Henderson <lofton@rockynet.com> wrote:
> Scott --
> Thanks again for your helpful inputs to our process.
> One quick point about the below (quick because I'm rushing to prepare for
> travel from Friday afternoon until Wednesday afternoon)...
> At 05:04 PM 6/19/2013 -0400, Scott McGrath wrote:
>> [...]
>> - your Rules of Procedure limit the Steering Committee members to be
>> representatives of Organizational members
> [1] http://www.cgmopen.org/governance/rop.php
> It is odd, but if you read section (c) very carefully... one must be an
> organizational member to *vote* in an SC election, but it is not stated as a
> requirement to be elected to the SC!

Point taken, I missed that nuance.
> One might argue whether that's sensible or not, intentional or not, but it's
> been that way since our first RoP (~2005/6).  And indeed, we did have an SC
> member who was an Individual for several years (Dieter).

And I hope we can count on him again.
>> - you will soon have only 4 organizational members, which limits your
>> resources to fill the SC opening, but also is below the minimum
>> required  number of members. (you must be 5 or above by the election
>> period)
> That would indeed be a problem, as we don't anticipate additional members
> joining the MS.  However, our election period is Nov-Dec, and we do
> anticipate the end of MS/SC operations and organization well before that.

That was my point - not to impose a harsh deadline, but encourage
reasonable progress.  The schedule seems to work well in that regard,
though we know that is not always the case. ;-)
> Thanks,
> -Lofton.
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