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Subject: AW: [cgmopen-ms] CGM Transition - Reminder and next steps


we want to  make clear that the Steering Committee needs to clarify all open questions before any such move. So your comment about the SC delaying actions is incorrect. Your schedule is a unilateral one that has not been discussed with nor agreed to by the Steering Committee. There won't be a lack of supporting entities in November at all unless you kick out all CGM Open related members by then. Nobody has ever discussed that the TC and/or MS should be closed right after a Board Meeting in October.

So we consider this an attempt to put pressure on CGM Open, very much in line with your actions during the past year, which have led to the MS decision to move CGM development to another entity outside of OASIS.
We suggest to finish discussions first and get final decisions before agreeing on a schedule. 


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Betreff: [cgmopen-ms] CGM Transition - Reminder and next steps

Sorry for the cross-post - This message is being distributed to all OASIS CGM mail lists because the message impacts everyone in the OASIS CGM community and to ensure uniform understanding among the entire community.

A CGM-Open Member Section ballot was undertaken to initiate transfer of CGM activity from OASIS to the newly forming CGMO Foundation [1].
That ballot passed, see results posted [2]

the above ballot initiates the transfer of the Assets originally transferred to OASIS under the CGMO Consortium Inc Asset Transfer Agreement of 2005. OASIS supports the subsequent transfer of these Assets to CGMO Foundation and has ensured that our Liaison Policy (which governs such contributions) allows for such a transfer.  My initial instructions suggested a course of action, which was subsequently delayed by the CGM Steering Committee, but should now be followed with vigor if you are to keep on schedule.  See the mail thread starting at [3]

By copy of this message, I am asking Jamie Clark, OASIS General Counsel and Liaison Policy expert, to assist the WebCGM TC in crafting their TC motion and ballot to initiate the Asset transfer as allowed in the Liaison Policy and to work with the TC to ensure a timely migration.

By copy of this message, I am also asking Chet Ensign, OASIS Director of TC Administration, to work with the WebCGM TC in crafting a TC motion and ballot to close. Closing the TC is a necessary step in support of the MS ballot, which expects no further development of the CGM spec at OASIS.

Both these above steps must be completed in advance of submitting the formal request to transfer to the  Board of Directors.  I believe you want to have this Asset transfer addressed in the October Board meeting, so the last date to submit this request is 14 October.  Jamie and Chet will work with you on the process details, but the deadline is coming up, so please start action now.

The CGMO Steering Committee has requested that a portion of the dues paid to OASIS by CGMO MS Members be transferred to the new CGMO Foundation. [4]  OASIS management believes this is not an appropriate use of OASIS dues and has denied the request [5].  This issue remains in active discussion (see the SC mail archives) and is expected to be resolved by or before the October Board meeting.

Thank you in advance your your work to meet this schedule.  In addition to the influences directing a timely migration to the CGMO Foundation, the CGM Open Member Section in OASIS is expected to be closed by policy (See Member Section Policy Section 3.4 related to lack of Supporting Entities) in November.  You should endeavor to have the migration complete before then.

I hope this helps pave a path forward,


[1]  https://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/cgmopen-ms/email/archives/201305/msg00002.html

[2]  https://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/cgmopen-ms/email/archives/201306/msg00009.html

[3]  https://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/cgmopen-ms/email/archives/201306/msg00001.html

[4]  https://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/cgmopen-sc/download.php/50002/latest/20130718_CGMO_SC.pdf

[5]  https://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/cgmopen-sc/email/archives/201307/msg00013.html
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