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Subject: Dissolution of CGM Open Member Section

Dear Members and friends of the CGM Open Member Section,


Today the Steering Committee has resolved to dissolve the OASIS CGM Open Member Section at earliest convenience. [1]


This marks the end of 15 years of CGM work inside OASIS, enriched by a close cooperation with the corresponding W3C WebCGM Working Group.

The work on WebCGM has certainly changed a lot of things for the CGM-using industry to the better, and it should also be one of the most convincing success stories inside OASIS.


It turned out some time ago that OASIS and CGM Open didn’t share the same vision anymore, which led to the separation. To provide a safe harbor for CGM, we went back to the pre-OASIS model and started a Texas non-profit organization called CGM Open Foundation. All intellectual property rights have been transferred to this new entity.

With regrets we have to accept that OASIS has refused to also transfer the funds earmarked for CGM usage to the new foundation. This is why we are asking members interested in CGM to join the Foundation soon to help us build up the CGM community there.


You can find us at www.cgmopen.org.


All that is left to do here is to thank all the people who have been involved in the work inside or around the Member Section for their contribution. WebCGM has always been a joint effort of many, and this is how we want to continue it.


Best regards,

Dieter Weidenbrueck

Chair, OASIS CGM Open Member Section


[1] https://www.oasis-open.org/committees/document.php?document_id=52278&wg_abbrev=cgmopen-sc



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