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Subject: Re: Mailing List Archival: Tell me what you think

[Norm Walsh:]

| / Jon Bosak <bosak@boethius.eng.sun.com> was heard to say:
| | Everything we're doing in the process committee hinges on the
| | assumption that archives are public (not world-writable, but
| | world-readable).
| Does it follow that private lists will be publicly archived?
| I'm hesitant to announce the DocBook list archive because the
| docbook-eb and docbook-tc lists are equally accessible.
| It's always been my assumption that the EB list, for example,
| would not be made public. I'm not sure that all discussions have
| been carried out with the sort of political correctness that
| would have been used had the list been public. I'm not sure they
| weren't either, but...

The assumption I referred to was about the future, not the past.

I think the smart thing to do with existing mail lists is to keep
their *past* contents private and start over with publicly visible
versions on (say) 2000.01.01 after putting everyone on notice that
from this point on their postings will be publicly visible.


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