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chairs message

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Subject: X-Tech Meetings

As final announcement of meetings at X-Tech, please know:

All meetings will be in the Hilton, the rooms are reserved in half day
increments, so each Chair can plan specific hours.

XSLT Conformance Group, Wednesday afternoon in the Board Room

DocBook, All day Wednesday, Thursday morning  in the Pacific Room

Regrep  Thursday afternoon in the Pacific Room

Process Advisory All day Friday in the Pacific Room

I have made no arrangements for anything other than the room.  If you need
anything else - easel, whiteboard etc--please let me know as soon as

See you there.......

Scott McGrath
Manager, Member Services

Organization for the Advancement of
Structured Information Standards

PO Box 455
Billerica, MA  01821

+1 978 667 5115  (US & Int'l Voice)
+1 978 667 5114  (US and Int'l Fax)


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