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Subject: Changes to be aware of

As a matter of short introduction, my name is Jeff Lomas and I am the Senior
Webmaster for OASIS.  I am very honored to be of service.

My team and I have been very busy over the past few months scaling the OASIS
IT infrastructure to accommodate our extremely high volume of activity.
Phase 1 of this effort have included the following:
	-Deploying 3 new enterprise-class servers.
	-Upgrading key software components including the Web Server, the FTP
server, the mail server, and the DNS server.
	-Implementing a complete "Intranet to Extranet" failover and backup
	-Establishing internal protocols to streamline request processing.

The road has not been without its bumps.  That being said, we are also
experiencing the highest level of performance (possibly in the history of
OASIS) at the same time we are experiencing our highest volume of traffic.
Moving forward, it is my hope that we will see the road continue to smooth
out before us as we begin developing online applications and higher-level
functionality to better accommodate you and others within XML community.
Look for some of these new features to come online as early as 1/01.

In an effort to add an additional level of harmony to the esthetic of the
OASIS website (http://www.oasis-open.org), we have created and applied
standard templates for each committee to use for maintenance of their web
pages.  The template uses Server-Side Includes (SSI) as a means of supplying
the document framework.  A copy of the template (named template.shtml) can
be found in your home directory.

The template, itself, should be self-explanatory; however, there is two
items I should note.
	-Before performing further maintenance on your web pages, you should
download the current versions of these documents from our server.
	-Due to our server configuration, all documents using SSI should have
'shtml' as their extension.

If you have any questions or comments of a technical nature, please do not
hesitate contacting me.  I am always at your service.

Jeff Lomas, Webmaster
PO BOX 455
Billerica, MA
978.667.5115 x205

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