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chairs message

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Subject: Last Call for Meeting Space Reservations

Hello Chairs,

As you know, we have arranged to have meeting space available for
your committee at 12 major industry conferences this year.

The list of events follows.  It is imperative that I have your
space needs for all meeting up through XML Europe May 21-25
immediately.  The conference organizers are holding valuable space
for us.  If we are not to use it, I want to release the space for
other use.  I will be forwarding our final confirmation next
Monday, so please advise me of your needs.  As always if your
preference includes specific days or not to conflict with another
TC meeting (or a session you are teaching) I will accommodate as
best possible.

When thinking of using the space, remember the success Ken Holman
has had in holding open sessions.  His committee and its members
has gained important visibility and feedback  from the developer
public.  We can help you publicize your event.  So don't hold

Austin, TX USA
March 19-22
London, England

OASIS Annual General Meeting
April 11-12
New York, NY

May 14-17
Chicago, IL, USA

 XML Europe
May 21-25
Berlin, Germany

 XML One
July 9-11
Munich, Germany

September 19-21
Amsterdam, Netherlands

 XML One
September 20-October 3
San Jose, CA

 XML DevCon Europe
October 8-11
London, England

XML DevCon
October 29-November 1
San Jose, CA

 XML 2001
December 9-14
Orlando, FL USA

Scott McGrath
Member Services Manager

Organization for the Advancement of
Structured Information Standards

+1 978 667 5115  (US & Int'l Voice)
+1 978 667 5114  (US and Int'l Fax)

PO Box 455
Billerica, MA  01821

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