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Subject: Re: feedback requested

I agree with Lauren.  I think the answer to "Why has OASIS decided to
pursue this?" should be: OASIS as a whole hasn't; some OASIS members
have, and you should ask them why.

> The TAB would allocate available resources to the
> portfolios to encourage work that OASIS feels is important.

What resources are we talking about here?  Unlike the W3C say, where
each WG involves a commitment of resources from the W3C staff, OASIS TCs
currently require minimal resources from OASIS; it's the members
participating in the TC who provide all the resources.  If members
decide something is important, then they can propose a TC; if no members
think something is important, then it probably isn't very important.

The idea of a TAB providing centralized control does not appeal to me at
all. I would prefer to focus on improving information flow between TCs
to ensure that TCs are aware of the possibilities for collaboration and
coordinate with other TCs.


Lauren Wood wrote:
> I have one comment which I think is important.
> Karl Best wrote:
> > Chairs:
> >
> > The OASIS Technical Advisory Committee (TAC, a committee of the OASIS Board
> > of Directors) would like to get some feedback from the TC chairs regarding
> > some possible changes to the way we manage our TCs.
> >
> > The OASIS TC Process is built around the philosophy of openness: any OASIS
> > member can propose and form a TC on any topic, any OASIS member is allowed
> > to participate, all TC proceedings are visible to the public, etc. This
> > philosophy is extremely important to OASIS and we do not want to do anything
> > that would change this.
> >
> > On the other hand, we have little oversight of what technical work OASIS
> > does. With just about every new TC that we form we get questions from the
> > public asking why OASIS is pursuing the new work. It appears that OASIS has
> > no technical agenda.
> I don't think it should be considered that it is OASIS pursuing the work, as
> much as it is OASIS members. There's a big difference. I like the fact that
> it is a bottom-up approach; it gives members a place to meet without the
> extra overhead of justifying to a committee why they want to do this work. I
> like the fact that 2 or more TCs could tackle the same issues at the same
> time; any committee would have a natural tendency to ask why this is
> necessary or if it is a good idea. In other words, I like the current
> structure.
> Lauren
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