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Subject: OASIS TC web pages

TC Chairs:

We here at OASIS are in the final stages of creating a new look and feel for
the OASIS web site, which should be rolled out in the next couple of weeks.
Part of this effort has been developing new templates for the TC web pages
to reflect that new look. To see a not-quite-final version of the TC page
template go to http://www.oasis-open.org/~aaron/subpage_template5_3B.html
(We used the Security Services page as an example because that page has the
most complete information.)

Starting in the next couple of weeks we would like to convert your existing
pages to use this new template. We will do the work here using OASIS
resources, both so that we're not giving you too much extra work to do as
well as to ensure consistency in implementation. During the few days that
the pages are being updated we will have to lock you out to prevent
overwriting; we will contact you before we start. We would appreciate your
updating your pages now so that we have current information to put into the
new templates; we will be doing some publicity for the new site design and
hope to get some extra traffic, so would like to see some current

Note that the template has a standard set of headings, which are the
required types of information that we would like each TC to include on their
page. The example page has all of this required information, but many TC
pages do not, so we would like you to update your pages to include this
additional information. If you could update your pages now to include all
these types of information (announcements and upcoming meetings, charter,
members and officers, mail lists, drafts and other documents, schedule and
minutes) that would help us complete the pages.

I need some feedback on another topic: We have been providing ftp access for
each TC and requiring that the TC chair or other volunteer webmaster own the
TC pages. I'd like to ask your opinion whether you'd like to continue making
the modifications to your pages or if you would like OASIS to do the
webmmastering for you. We finally have the resources here at OASIS to do
this, and for security reasons as well as for the consistency of the pages
themselves it would be beneficial for us to do the webmastering. You would
still have to provide us with content, and new information may require a
one-day turn-around to get posted, but we would do the work. Would you
please let me know how you feel about this? Or feel free to discuss on this


Karl F. Best
OASIS - Director, Technical Operations
978.667.5115 x206
karl.best@oasis-open.org  http://www.oasis-open.org

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