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Subject: Re: OASIS TC presentations at Orlando XML conference

Philippe DeSmedt wrote:

> Lauren,
> We're just now in the process of forming an ebXML Implementation,
> Interoperability and Conformance (IIC) TC under OASIS. This TC will focus on
> compliance with the ebXML specifications, through the creation of test cases
> and such, but is also intended to do demos of ebXML with participating
> companies (providers and/or users) (pretty much along the lines of what the
> ebXML Proof-of-Concept working group used to do). Would XML 2001 be a good
> forum to show ebXML interoperability among vendors? If so, what track would
> you recommend? I'll type up a 500-word abstract, but wanted to get your
> views on this first. Thanks much.

There's an e-commerce track, so that would be one idea.

And then there is the "vendor offerings" track, which is dedicated to showing 
products. There are extra brownie points (i.e., it's easier to get on the program) 
for vendors who demonstrate products that are standards-compliant and work 
together with products from other vendors. Proposals for the vendor track aren't 
due until October 1.
So I guess it depends on how much talking vs showing products you are intending 
on. If lots of the latter, I'd put it in the vendor offerings area.

Does that sound reasonable?



Lauren Wood, Director of Product Technology, SoftQuad Software
Chair, XML 2001 - Call for presentations now open at www.xmlconference.org

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