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Subject: RE: OASIS TC specs style guide?

At 12:48 PM 7/13/01 -0400, Karl F. Best wrote:
>Yes, that may be a good idea. I don't think this needs to be a full-fledged
>OASIS TC, but it may noot hurt to get more folks in on the discussion, so a
>discussion list may be an answer. I'm afraid, though, that many people will
>see this sort of discussion as "overhead"

I'm sure that some will view it this way.  "Path of least resistance" is 
often my own approach as well.

>and taking them away from
>technical work.

Anecdotal counter-example:  a very nice solution to the test-suite 
traceability requirement (i.e., linking a test case to the test assertions 
in the standard) was devised in the XSLT TC (by Ken, as I recall).  But it 
relies on having an XML version of the XSLT/Xpath Recommendations.

So yes, it might look like overhead.  But it might actually *further* the 
technical work in some instances, rather than retard it.


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