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Subject: subscription approvals


I'd like to propose a change in the process for subscribing people to your
TC's mail list.

Currently, the TC mail lists are configured so that you, the TC chair, are
required to confirm each subscription request by returning a message sent by
the mail list server. Before confirming the request you are supposed to
verify that the person is qualified i.e. is an Individual member of OASIS or
employee of an OASIS member organization, and only approve subscriptions for
eligible people.

I would like to offer to take this responsibility away from you and let
OASIS staff take care of this. While it will be a bit of a burden for us to
do it, we can better determine who is eligible than you -- and we would
especially would like the opportunity of following up with ineligible people
to sign them up for an OASIS membership :-)

The mail lists will continue to be configured so that you are sent
notification when a new subscription occurs. And as always, mail list
subscription is not the same thing as TC membership, so you may want to
follow up with the person to find out if they are intending to participate
so that their 60 day probation can start.

If you have any objections to this plan please let me know right away, but I
can't see anything but benefits for you.

Karl F. Best
OASIS - Director, Technical Operations
978.667.5115 x206
karl.best@oasis-open.org  http://www.oasis-open.org

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