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Subject: Conformance TC would like your help

Dear TC Chairs

We would like to familiarize you with the OASIS Conformance TC (
http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/ioc/) and invite you and your members to participate with our TC in developing general conformance guidelines and other documents or tools related to conformance.

The OASIS Conformance TC has been at work for a couple of years.  The TC defines and develops conformance requirements, guidelines, white papers, and methodologies to enable the development of testable specifications and conforming implementations.  The TC serves as a central source of information about conformance and conformance related topics

We believe it is important that the OASIS TC Chairs are aware of the efforts of the OASIS Conformance TC and we hope to have your cooperation and support as well as welcome your participation.  A goal of the TC is to be a resource for those who are new to conformance and to help ‘jump start’ conformance efforts as well as to leverage the efforts of TCs that are already addressing conformance.  The OASIS TCs can learn from each other and build upon past successes.  In this way, the OASIS community can leverage current and future efforts in developing conformance test suites as well as promoting efforts to ensure clear, unambiguous, testable specifications that can be implemented in a consistent and correct manner.  

To date, we’ve worked closely with the Security Services TC and the XSLT/XPath TC in this capacity.  We’re looking forward to working closely with the other TCs in the near future.

Our next teleconference, Aug 16, will focus on the development of a Conformance Requirements document for OASIS specifications and the development of general Guidelines for Testing and Certification.   If you would like to participate in the teleconference, please send email to lynne.Rosenthal@nist.gov, so we can make sure there are enough phone lines.

Mark Skall and Lynne Rosenthal
Conformance TC cochairs

(skall@nist.gov) (lynne.rosenthal@nist.gov)

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