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Subject: RE: [chairs] relations with W3C

Karl Best>> 
 Please let me know what specific issues your TC may have including but
not limited to obstacles to working together, divergent goals, IP
issues, scheduling issues, what groups you need to work with, etc.

Karl, Here is the consensus on w3c and Oasis coordination from the ebXML
group that I took away from our discussion today. Bye, Dale Moberg

Although CPPA makes use of (by citation and by incorporation
of namespaces & elements) several w3c specifications, and so has
on w3c work, there is one main area of potential overlap-- the
usual precondition for duplication and waste of effort.

The WSDL WG of the Web Service activity does touch on some areas that
variously dealt with by BPSS (which CPPs and CPAs can reference)
and by the CPA itself. In general, both WSDL and CPAs concern how
some higher level business process layer of description can be or
will be layered over and implemented by various middleware details 
(transports, security, packaging, protocol options such as 
reliable messaging, and so on). WSDL is animated by describing
interfaces and their bindings. CPP and CPAs generally do not describe
the interface details (except descriptions by payload document types),
but do describe collaboration process mapppings onto a selection of
transport, security and similar options. Unlike WSDL, properties of both
sending and receiving configurations are described in CPPs and CPAs.
WSDL focuses on one side, the service. WSDL does not deal with the
idea of negotiating which options will be selected and
implemented between collaboration participants.

It is not obvious to the CPPA members, how a useful division of labor
can be created. The CPPA group is forming a subteam to look into options
for technical "integration"-- by which we mean, incorporating (by xlinks
or just
simple node insertion) pieces of WSDL within CPPs or CPAs. Three CPPA
members are also members of the WSDL working group.

The group also suggested that the Web Services 
architecture WG might produce models
and vocabulary that aid in deciding how to differentiate tasks,
and also coordinate the activities. It seems worthwhile to
avoid useless reduplication of effort as well as the
confusion in the marketplace. 

Maybe the architecture group could
be persuaded that one thing a web services
architecture is to do is to describe the boundaries 
that are subject to standardization,
and then define those aspects of the boundaries 
that need standardization to promote interoperable

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