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Subject: Re: [chairs] Unique OASIS document identifiers

Karl Best wrote:
> Eve L. Maler wrote:
> >>   oasis-####-{description}
> >>
> >> where #### is the oasis doc number.
> >>
> >> examples..
> >>
> >>   oasis-0011-docbook-whatever
> >>   oasis-0029-saml-core
> >>   oasis-0030-saml-bindings
> >
> >
> > This will hinge on whether OASIS/Karl is willing to be the owner of the
> > number assignment.  I can't imagine that this is a gargantuan task, but
> > it's not currently on their plate, so we need to check.
> I'm not following this discussion closely; what is the purpose of
> OASIS-wide documents? If it's just for approved OASIS Standards 


> then we
> can assign unique numbers to those, 


note that all present docs at "oasis standard" maturity-level should get
numbered & re-filenamed. this can be a background process & the TCs could help.

do I recall correctly someone mentioning that there'll be a common repository
for all  "oasis standard" maturity-level docs?

> but if it's anything more than that
> I don't think that we have the resources to track numbers. I'm counting
> on the editor of each TC to track their own unique doc names.

agreed. Each TC should manage their own doc filenames, tho several of us are
suggesting that they adhere to a common defined format (that itself is
expressed in an oasis-wide document (a la


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