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Subject: [chairs] Kavi status update


Here's an update on the status of the Kavi system implementation.

I had mentioned previously 
(http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/chairs/200212/msg00000.html) that 
OASIS was considering this system, and invited you to attend an 
orientation session that we conducted in Baltimore at the XML 2002 
conference. At that session a representative from Kavi gave a 
presentation on the Kavi system functionality, and we got some good 
feedback from those present that we will use to enhance the system to 
make it easier for TC chairs to perform their duties.

OASIS and Kavi are now starting the implementation of this system. Kavi 
is beginning to install software on OASIS servers, and the development 
of the OASIS TC Process specific functionality is well under way.

While we don't have a detailed schedule completed, we anticipate that 
launch of the system will occur by early March. A short time before that 
date we will require the assistance of the TC chairs in entering 
TC-specific information into the system. In particular, once OASIS staff 
has entered in the names of all OASIS members, we will need to the TC 
chairs to specify who the members of the TC are. This implies, of 
course, that you know who the members of your TC are, so I'd like to ask 
that you give this matter a little extra attention over the coming weeks 
so that when the time comes you have a complete, accurate list. We will 
also need the TC chairs or secretaries to enter other TC information 
such as meeting schedules, current charter, etc.

Kavi will be providing us with training materials specific to the TC 
chairs and secretaries, which we will be passing on to you. The training 
will include online documentation, a web-based training session, and 
possibly a f2f training session. It has been suggested that the XML Web 
Services conference in Santa Clara the week of 3 March might be a good 
venue for OASIS and Kavi to conduct a f2f training session as OASIS 
already has a number of activities scheduled that week. If there are 
sufficient numbers of TC chairs and/or secretaries available that week 
then we'll set this up. Please let me know if you or one of the other 
officers of your TC would be able to attend that week, and which day(s) 
would be best for you.

One other related note: In the next week or so OASIS will be sending out 
an RFP to its members for the development of a registry to store TC 
status information, specifications, and glossary entries. The purpose of 
this registry is to promote collaboration between our various TCs and 
also eventually between our TCs and the TCs and WGs or other 
organizations through the sharing of information. This registry will be 
separate from the Kavi system but linked with the Kavi system so that TC 
status information and documents only need to be entered in a single 


Karl F. Best
Vice President, OASIS
+1 978.667.5115 x206
karl.best@oasis-open.org  http://www.oasis-open.org

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