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Subject: [chairs] final reminder of Kavi training session

Chairs of TCs, MSs, JCs, Board, and TAB:

This is a final reminder of the Kavi training session scheduled for 
tomorrow afternoon, 1-3pm PT / 4-6pm ET. If you weren't able to attend 
the first session please try to attend the second. (We've scheduled the 
call for two hours but it's likely that we'll finish in 90 minutes.)

The training session will be conducted by trainers from Kavi
who will lead you through the Kavi Groups application. These sessions
will be conducted via a web-sharing service called Genesys Meeting
Center for the online portions, PLUS a simultaneous telephone conference
call for the voice portion.


Session 2:
- February 12th, 2003 1:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada) (GMT -08:00)
      Conference Dial-in No: 630-395-0208
      Conference Guest Code: 46875#


(These are the requirements of the Genesys web sharing system used by 
Kavi; this is *only* for the training session and does not reflect the 
requirements for using the Kavi system iteself.)

- Windows PC (9x, NT 4, ME, 2000, or XP) -- sorry, no Unix or Mac support
- Internet Explorer 4.0 or later
- At least a 56k dialup connection, or other internet connection
- Voice telephone available to call the voice bridge

Although Genesys claims to support Netscape Navigator we found at the 
first training session that this is probably not the case. We had the 
most success using Internet Explorer 5 or higher.

The Genesys Java applet doesn't like the Sun JVM. If you have the Sun 
JVM installed, you will need to temporarily disable it, and use the
Microsoft JVM instead.  You should be able to configure IE to use its 
JVM, then change it back after the session.

You can talk to a live person to help troubleshoot browser problems 
while using Genesys, should they occur.  The Genesys Meeting Center 
Global Helpdesk can be reached at 1-800-305-5208, or international:
+1-303-267-1097.  Choose option 2 from their menu, for help with web


To ensure that your browser is configured properly click on this link:


If you receive a warning or fail indicator please click on it for
instructions on how to configure your browser.


1. A few minutes before the scheduled beginning of the session, point
your browser to:  http://www.genesysmeetingcenter.com

2. In the box provided, type the meeting number:  1131776  (there is NO
PASSWORD NEEDED to join this meeting)

3. Click "Join Live Meeting"

4. Your browser may run through a configuration process for several
minutes, if you have not already configured it using the link above

5. Call the voice bridge number to join the conference call
      Conference Dial-in No: 630-395-0208
      Conference Guest Code: 46875#

first session that many people whose browsers had passed the Genesys 
test still had connection problems, causing us to spend time at the 
start of the meeting trying to troubleshoot.  We'd rather do this before 
the meeting starts so that the meeting time is used most productively. 
Kavi will open the meeting 20-30 minutes early, allowing TC Chairs to 
join and insure their connection is working.

During the meeting we encourage you to use your phone's "Mute"
function if available.  This improves the voice quality on the bridge 
line for everyone.  We stop after each major topic to ask for questions 
-- at these points, simply un-mute and ask your questions.


Karl F. Best
Vice President, OASIS
+1 978.667.5115 x206
karl.best@oasis-open.org  http://www.oasis-open.org

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