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Subject: [chairs] OASIS CAM SWIKI


I've put up a SWIKI for the CAM project.

I've asked Karl to add a link -

"OASIS CAM collaborative resources site"

link to:  http://cam.swiki.net

to our OASIS project site.

I'm very impressed with SWIKI.

Of course now I've spent a couple of 
hours putting up the site (its frightening
how quickly you can put this all up) - I find out 
it has a ton of features just like Kavi...

Anyway - not advocating this replace Kavi,
but clearly SWIKI can help you setup a
project area where people can brainstorm,
collaborate and share samples - et al.

It's not for everyone of course - but I'm
definately excited about the combo' of
Kavi and Swiki for providing worldclass
standards development tools for our

Enjoy, DW.

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