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Subject: re: [chairs] Further assistance from Kavi - UDDI Spec TC


I'm guessing you'll have to point the link to an intermediary HTML page
somewhere.  That way you can change that page itself - and just
leave Kavi to point to that static address.

Not optimal I'd agree - as with everything software - there's always
a sub-optimal clunky work around... would be nice if everything
can just reside on the OASIS server...

Karl - will we still have a separate project ftp upload area?  

If so - that could hold the sub-directories and content - and we could just
point Kavi at the entry point to that workspace....

Cheers, DW.
Message text written by Luc Clement
        What I've found is that every time a document is updated, the links
referencing it changes as a result of versioning. For example, if I were to
update the "Committee Specifications" page (the first link), the link to
cspecs.htm" would change from .../116/tcspecs.htm to
../somenewnumber/tcspecs.htm. This is problematic in that quick link to it
(and all other links to this document) is (are) broken.

        B. It is customary for specs to have both a "current" and a
"version insensitive" link in the header. For example take a look at
http://uddi.org/pubs/ProgrammersAPI-V2.04-Published-20020719.htm. In this
doc, two links are available:

                Latest version: 

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