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Subject: [chairs] Re: Questions and assistance with Kavi

Karl and all,

>> o How can we upload html docs that contain embedded content
>>   held that is in a sub-folder? There are a couple of issues
>>   as its stands: 1) no subfolder support and 2) we can't hide
>>   subfolders from being listed. Re 2), the ability of hiding
>>   subfolders would allow the public to focus on the document
>>   rather than its associated data contained in the ?content>
>> http://oasis-open.org/committees/uddi-spec/doc/bp/ for
>>   example of display problems introduced by having a mix of
>>   html files and related content displayed in one location)
>> o There is a need for support multi-level subfolders. UDDI
>>   Spec TC uses it extensively e.g.
>>   http://oasis-open.org/committees/uddi-spec/doc/source/.
>>   How/when can we get this functionality exposed?
> I believe that there is subfolder capabaility for the document
> repository. Chris: please correct me if I'm wrong.

Yes, subfolders have been enabled since the second TC Chair training, when
someone requested it.  On the Add New Folder form, scroll down to the
"Advanced Options" and select a "Parent Folder" if desired.

>> o We need an area where we can store source files that are
>>   available only to the TC (i.e. hidden from the public) to
>>   hold work-in-progress drafts, source files for posted html
>>   doc content. As such, we would like the ability to hide
>>   folders; hiding documents does not suffice.
> I know that individual files can be marked as non-shared (so visible
> only to the TC members); I'm not sure if entire folders can be so
> marked. Chris: can you answer this?

Currently "sharing" settings are on a per-object basis.  So you would simply
un-check all sharing options on a given document -- this keeps it "private"
and visible to that TC only.

>> 2. Referencing content from html pages stored on kavi.
>>  Some of the content we'd like to host on kavi references local
>>  content. For example,
> http://kavi.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/uddi-spec/download.php/105/bps.h
> tm
>>  has the following reference:
>>   <img src="top_of_page.gif" width="43" height="25" border="0"
>>   alt="TOP OF PAGE"></a></font></p>
>>  The source image "top_of_page.gif" is collocated with the document
>>  but does not render on the page (most likely due to version /
>>  document path issues).
>>  Could you please provide info explaining how to reference this
>>  content? The answer to this is likely dependent on the answer to
>>  the above.
> I don't know the answer to this. Chris?

Documents within the repository are only accessible from a specific URL
assigned to each (as Karl noted in another answer, this does vary per
version of the document).  Because permissions on documents vary on a
per-object basis, you can't reference items within HTML using a simple "my
sibling" reference, eg <img src="top_of_page.gif">; the web server will not
serve up documents within repositories without checking authentication for
each object.  However, you *can* reference objects within HTML using a full
path.  In the case you mention, your image tag would be: <img


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