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Subject: [chairs] Sane attendance recording in Kavi

So I'm looking at the Kavi pages for recording attendance, and all TC list participants (which is what I presume Kavi has used for the basis of TC rosters) are lumped together.  There is no means of sorting the list, nor is there any designation as to voting member / prospective member / observer.  

How we typically handle roll is to call through the list of voting members, then allow prospective members and observers to identify themselves as present.  Having to call through Kavi's entire list is completely unfeasible.  And having everyone try to randomly identify themselves is equally unfeasible.

So what is needed, to avoid having to maintain a spreadsheet like I do now, and copy those records into Kavi offline, is the following (within the attendance screens):
*	separation of voting members from prospective members from observers
*	sorting of each of the above groups independently, based on affiliation and last name

Can this be done?

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