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Subject: Re: [chairs] Unique OASIS document identifiers

Thanks for your comments (and kind words).  To be honest, I wasn't 
expecting to spend much more time on this -- I thought I had done the 
final version -- but can try to make a few more changes over the next 
couple of weeks.  More responses below:

jkeane wrote:
> 3.1. Second Bullet - "Lowercase spelling is /recommende//d"  /
> Why? Some of our groups have grand discussions on camelCase and 
> UpperCamel case. e.g LegalXML and OdrXML are official title from their 
> charters. Mixed case reads better than legalxm or odrxml.   And, hey, 
> maybe I am just a case sensitive kind of guy ;-)
> I don't see any need for this recommendation and, unless there is 
> a cogent technical reason, suggest deleting the thought in the 
> final version.

It certainly seems unfair for me to use OdrXML as an example and then 
lowercase it, which was not the choice the real OdrXML group made!

I don't have a problem saying that lowercase or mixed case may be used. 
  I could show examples of both.

>       "3.1. General Rules
> The following rules apply to all documents:
>     *
>       Hyphens /must/ be used as separators of the major portions of a
>       file name. Spaces /must not/ be used. Hyphens are /recommended/
>       between words within the description and extended description
>       portions, though underscores /may/ be used."
> Didn't we retire underbars in the the last discussion? With a poll?   We 
> should either discourage underbars or also be silent on this point.

Well, they are discouraged (hyphens are "recommended"), and hyphens are 
mandated between guidelines-dictated parts.  I kept this allowance only 
because there's no way to parse a filename and find the official 
guidelines-dictated parts if hyphens are used within parts, and just in 
case, I thought it would be better to at least allow some other 
separator if someone cared.  I'm inclined to leave this as is, unless 
someone objects.

> *3.4 "cs* for Committee Specifications"  Isn't this acronym a bit 
> cryptic? And contrary to the no cryptic acronym policy in the introduction.

True.  What would be better -- cttespec? spec?  The latter doesn't seem 
so bad, and suggests that maybe draft / spec / std would have been 
better than draft / cs / oasis.  Thoughts?  (Sigh.)

> *A.  Notices*
>     Curiosity: What is the source of the language in this notice? From 
> the OASIS lawyer? Are we supposed to have that in all documents? 
> Speaking as a lawyer, can the language be simplified? 

I would love to have it simplified.  In constructing the original SAML 
specs, we discovered that all those statements were required to appear 
(see the Notices section of 
http://www.oasis-open.org/who/intellectualproperty.shtml), and ever 
since then, I've been treating them as boilerplate (and that's why 
they're in the template).  Karl, can you comment on the possibility of 
shortening these?

>  AND - how can we bring this to closure? Do we vote? Consensus? Formal 
> Adoption by the Board? LegalXML has a steering committee next Tuesday 
> and I would like to report this is done.

There is no formal process for the "chair community" to decide anything. 
  I had already made this "submission" to Eduardo Gutentag (TAB chair) 
and Karl and asked them to take it forward as appropriate, based on this 
community's self-organized manner of lurching forward on the subject. 
:-)  They would need to tell us what's happened since then.


Eve Maler                                        +1 781 442 3190
Sun Microsystems                            cell +1 781 354 9441
Web Technologies and Standards               eve.maler @ sun.com

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