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Subject: Re: [chairs] rollout schedule, and new public TC pages

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/ Karl Best <karl.best@oasis-open.org> was heard to say:
| Because so much of the information is now going to be coming from the
| database we have made the decision to no longer give you ftp access to
| the pages. If you have (static) information to place on your TC page
| you should just send it to webmaster@oasis-open.org. Any of your
| information that changes on a regular basis will be kept in the
| database, so there should be little change to the static information.

What do you propose to do for TC's like DocBook that have hundreds of
pages with established URIs that (1) must not change and (2) really,
really need to be maintained going forward.

For example, the DocBook TC has adopted the convention that version
X.Y of DocBook (in a particular schema language) resides at:


For existing versions of DocBook (1.0...4.2) in SGML, XML, RELAX-NG,
and W3C XML Schema, that's a lot of URIs.

When version X.Z comes out, I feel really strongly that it should get
an appropriate URI in the existing scheme, not some random database
query string.

I expect other TCs are in a similar situation.

| *  As promised, we have been working on a mass import of your existing
| documents into the new doc repository so that you wouldn't have to
| import these one at a time. We've had the folks at Kavi grab the files
| in your TC's ftp directory and place them in the doc repository,
| preserving the directory structure. Because only partial information
| can be deduced from the file information (filename and date, etc.) we
| don't know other metadata for the files such as the name of the
| document or submitter, etc. You'll need to go into the doc repository
| for your TC and manually update the individual objects in the
| repository.

Oh, gack! Please don't do this with the DocBook schemas. For one
thing, there are *internal URI references* that won't be converted so
the resulting database query gunk will be useless anyway.

                                        Be seeing you,

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