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Subject: Re: [chairs] Unique OASIS document identifiers

A clarification: the original proposal for what is now being referred as
"TC spec" came from me, as a possible but not preferred alternative to "cs".

I have no idea when the space was introduced there, but it was not in
the original proposal. I proposed "TCspec".

FWIW, I prefer cs.

Norman Walsh wrote:
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> / jkeane <jik@jkeane.com> was heard to say:
> | The term "spec" conveys meaning. "cs" has at least 146 meanings as an
> | acronym, but not 'committee spec". (See below)
> I'm with Lauren, people will learn what it means. Shorter is better.
> | Does everyone agree with just deleting the reference to all lower case and
> | the deleting the reference to "underscores."
> Absolutely not! I am strongly opposed to mixed case in identifiers. It
> offers absolutely no benefit in terms of information content and gives
> users one more thing to get confused about. While it's true that case
> isn't significant in domain names, it is most certainly significant in
> URIs and that makes
>   http://www.example.org/someuri
> different from
>   http://www.example.org/someUri
> which is further different from
>   http://www.example.org/someURI
> which means that users will get it wrong at least two times out of
> three. Then we'll need redirects to handle the common cases and the
> whole thing gets messy.
> "All lowercase" is a simple rule that everyone can learn and
> understand. MixedCase is a cUlTuRaL issue that HaS no RulEs.
> | If so, we are very close to a wrap.  In LegalXML we have closed discussions
> | by asking: "Can anyone not live with this?"
> I can not live with mixed case.
> | Can any one not live with "TC Spec" and deleting the references to all lower
> I can't live with any scheme that proposes spaces in the URI either.
> At the very least, you must have meant "TC%20Spec" which is really
> ugly.
>                                         Be seeing you,
>                                           norm
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