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Subject: Re: [chairs] initial review of OASIS TC Process changes

Hi Karl,

My 2 cents on your proposed process changes.

1)   I think that if you're going to raise the vote percentage required to
approave an OASIS Open Standard, then there also has to be some way to
incent the membership to cast a vote.  I too agree that apathy is a real
problem and raising things to 20% would cause significant difficulty in
completing the process unless soemthing else is done to encourage voting.
In either event, I would be comtemplating something more like 15%, rather
than 20% as a start.

2)  Regarding the new item for submission of a spec. to vote as a Standard:
o     A statement regarding the relationship of this work to the work of
other organizations.
This is kind of broad.   Are you asking TC's to do continuous surveys of
other organizations to find out what they're doing and just how it ties in?
If so, which organizations?   What defines a relationship?   How far are we
going here?

Tom Bellwood       Phone:  (512) 838-9957 (external);   TL:  678/9957
Co-Chair, OASIS UDDI Specification TC
STSM - Emerging Technologies
IBM Corporation

Please respond to karl.best@oasis-open.org

To:    chairs@lists.oasis-open.org, tab@lists.oasis-open.org
cc:    staff@oasis-open.org
Subject:    [chairs] initial review of OASIS TC Process changes

Chairs, TAB:

For the past several months I've been accumulating suggestions for
changes to the OASIS TC Process and so, as seems to be the case every
year about this time, it's time to revise the document again.

Many of these changes are improvements to the Process based on my
experience administering the Process and your experience using the Process.

In addition, there are a number of changes that are required in order to
implement a newly revised OASIS IPR Policy which is being developed by a
subcommmittee of the OASIS Board. (I'll be sending this out for your
comment soon.) In the past these two documents have been quite separate,
but as the subcommittee has been working on the IPR Policy we've
realized that there are quite a number of things that are "IPR process"
rather than simply "IPR policy", and rather than having two "process"
documents we've decided that these should be added to the TC Process.

Attached are two documents. The first is a summary of the changes with
justfication, and the second is a marked-up copy of the existing Process
document with changes highlighted. This is just the first round of
review, but my intent is to have these completed and approved in the
next couple of months. Please send me comments on this first draft of
the TC Process revision by the end of this week.


Karl F. Best
Vice President, OASIS
office  +1 978.667.5115 x206     mobile +1 978.761.1648
karl.best@oasis-open.org      http://www.oasis-open.org

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