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Subject: [chairs] Re: Subtleties in the OASIS TC Member Attendance Rules


This is all well and good.  However - here's what I see, and what
I liked about Jon's ideas.

In todays downsized world - everyone is working three jobs
at once - and if you are on more than a couple of TC's, making
all the conference calls is tough.  But - none-the-less you do
your quota of 200 emails a day - and so you are contributing to
the ideas and flow that way.  And you make the occasional
conference call, but then you can't vote - and that's OK.

So getting that balance - where you are more than just an
Observer, makes sense - and also adds weight to the TC
membership itself.

However we can work to formalize this, all well and good, 
but I agree that the Kavi tail should not be wagging the dog.


Message text written by Eduardo Gutentag
The fact that they are two separate things. The fact that they were
separate until they were munged due to Kavi's limitations. The fact
that being able to read a TC's messages should not imply that you
are a member of the TC.

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