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Subject: Re: [chairs] public comment web form

The submitted comment would have attached the email address of the 

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Lauren Wood wrote:
> Karl wrote:
> * The TC’s public comment list is replaced with a “means to collect 
> public comments”, which will be a web form. (This is to prevent the 
> comment list from being used as a discussion list.) Comments 
> collected by the web form will go to the chairs. I'm having the web 
> forms built  now and will announce to the comment lists when this 
> change will take place.   
> Karl,
> how do we then ask clarifying questions, or make quick replies (along 
> the lines of "see section 2.1. in the spec - isn't that clear 
> enough?"  
> I can understand not wanting full discussions, but we often do need 
> clarifying discussions to know what the comment provider really 
> meant. And I'd rather not have that take place in private email.  
> Lauren
> ---  
> Lauren Wood, Textuality
> Chair, ER TC
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