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chairs message

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Subject: Kavi not working...

Am I the only one who is getting this?  *whine* why can’t we just use WebDAV?




Database Error
SQL Error: Error: Database query failed.
Error: Attempted query string = ' SELECT distinct(document.id), document.name, document.description, document.location, document.submission_date, document_type.icon, document.file_size, document_type.name, content_type.id, workgroup.id, workgroup.name, workgroup.location, folder.location FROM document, folder, content_type, document_type, workgroup LEFT JOIN wg_item_share ON document.id = wg_item_share.item_id AND wg_item_share.type = 'document' WHERE content_type.id=document.content_type_id AND document_type.id=content_type.document_type_id AND document.folder_id=folder.id AND folder.workgroup_id=workgroup.id AND ( (wg_item_share.destination_workgroup_id IN(20)) OR (workgroup.id IN (20)) ) ORDER BY document.submission_date DESC LIMIT 0,4'.
SQL Error: Got error 28 from table handler.
. No documents available.







Matthew MacKenzie

Senior Architect

Intelligent Documents


506 869.0949






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