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chairs message

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Subject: RE: [chairs] latest draft of doc mgmt system requirements

Lots of useful features covered.

I wasn't quite sure what "command line interface" meant. Where is the
command line entered ?

Would this allow a script running remotely to submit a document via some
reasonably-tractable protocol 
(the right way to do this is as a webservice, but let's not run too fast
:-). It's a great convenience to be
able to upload an automatically-generated file (like an issues list)
with a local command (bpel list is ftp'ed to
the "working copy", off-oasis location on average twice a day, and by
hand/web i/f to oasis once a week.

Peter Furniss

> * User interface
>     - Repository has a web interface for uploading and tree browsing, 
> searching, and retrieval. Support for all major browsers. 
> Intuitive UI 
> should require little or no user documentation.
>     - Repository has command line interface for power users; this 
> interface will have the same access control and restrictions on 
> permissible actions, etc. as the web interface.
>     - Search/retrieval
>        - Files may be found via search and by tree browsing
>        - Search by any of the metadata fields
>        - Full-text search of contents (except for binary formats)
>        - Listing of single files in browsing and search 
> results includes 
> the metadata fields. The listing for packages includes the list of 
> single files in the package, then drill down for information 
> on those files.

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